~ Workshops with Debra ~



I haven't forgotten you, it's just that I've been painting for my solo exhibition, coming up soon on May 21, 2015!

Check out my blog on this website for my personal painting insights, inspiration, and process. 

And, if your in Singapore drop by That Spare Room for a visual art experience and maybe a yummy cup of tea or a bite to eat as The Fabulous Baker Boy is right next door!

See you again soon with more creative hands on experiences for you to enjoy!

Warmly, Debra


Enquiries & Bookings 

Debra's hand phone: +65 9750-2446 or Email: debrafredashapiro@gmail.com

Facebook Private Message: https://www.facebook.com/DebraFredaShapiroFineArt

*Why not make a fun time of painting with you and your friends. With groups of 4 or more people, you can create your very own paint date! 

What students have to say ....

'Something I've never, ever done before - everyone is an artist' 

Brooke Ramsay, Singapore


'Super day and your painting class has been a total and utter pleasure for someone who hasn't painted in seven years. A brilliant process, brilliantly taught and great hospitality - thank you very much.

Anna Flynn, Singapore


'Thank you for the seemingly impossible.'

Peter Maslen, Singapore


‘When I showed up for the workshop, I had never painted in my entire life. Debra was a master teacher who got even me to produce a beautiful painting of tulips.
She was patient; explained things so that even a left brainer like me could follow the instructions. The way the day was structured was perfect with no pressure at all
and made for a relaxed day. At the end of the day my ‘masterpiece’ made me happy and it now has pride of place on one of our walls at home.’

Tilu Mangeshikar, Singapore


I haven't painted since I was 14 years old. Can't draw at all, and in one day Debra taught me how to make this fabulous painting, when I had absolutely zero prior experience. I really had a good time, and think I uncovered a budding artist inside me and it was a blast!
What can I say, if you have a chance, take a class.

Connie Finch, Singapore


I'd never painted before, but with Debra's gentle encouragement and expert guidance I completed a painting that I actually love. What a thrill! I highly recommend Debra's workshops where trying something new was fun and so rewarding. Thanks Debra.

Jan Brown, South Australia