It is always a heartfelt honour when someone recruits me to do a painting for them.

Whether their purpose is to have a painting to match their décor, or a reflection of an emotion, a gift or a personal aspiration, it is a purposeful joy, which I recently experienced in this painting to the left. The client wanted a painting in this colour range for their daughter’s room but also something that would represent and capture ‘who’ the child is. Here is what the client had to say...

'Debra has painted two pictures for our family. The first was for our sons third birthday. I never knew a painting could be so ....personal. Apart from her capturing his likeness so beautifully, she also captured his cheeky, fun character in her work. She truly painted HIM, not merely his likeness. The second commission was for our daughter Rosie-Jean. After seeing some of Debra's recent works on flowers (and being quite taken with them) we asked her to paint a large rose in shades of pinks and lilacs. We could not be happier with what we received. Again she seems to have embodied the character of our daughter in the composition of the picture. There is a feeling of sweetness and openness around it. However, The really special aspect of this piece is the way Debra uses colour and the depth and mood she creates with it. It seems bright and new yet has a distinctive yet intangible quality of calm. The only problem we have with this painting is which wall to hang it on. Each time new light falls on it we see it in a fresh way.'


Stephanie and Brett Traynor - Singapore.

'WOW, Debra I was moved to tears...they (Peonies) are so beautiful.                              
So alive so full of life and connection.
What a goddess of ART you are... I am super excited to get them. Thank you so much.'

Tracey - Berkley, USA

In August 2011 'Bella' one of two cats that had been my companions for 15 years, died of kidney failure. From that moment on, I was afraid the remaining cat 'Adelle' would shortly follow. She grieved as did I, but made it through. In celebration of that in August 2012, Debra painted a portrait of her for me and captured her wary gentleness beautifully.

As an artist Debra has a great sensitivity for her clients and I was delighted to find that not only had she set Adelle surrounded by intense red poppies which I love, but had also remembered to add a motif remembering 'Bella' and an earlier cat I had lost way back in 2005.
If you are looking for an artist to help you capture the beauty of life, then I recommend Debra Shapiro. There is a joy and vibrancy in her works which sings.

Ceri Wolf - Singapore