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The Parts of Me I Love To See @ That Spare Room until June 4, 2015

The Parts of Me I Love to See, is a collection of paintings exploring the relationship between the body and nature. What first appear to be beautiful images of flowers in exquisite colour, but on closer inspection suggestions of the human female form emerge delicately from the folds of petals, or luscious woodland flowers creating a dreamy and meditative experience for the viewer.

The female elements suggest fashion and beauty and hint at fashion and social façade and the real person within.

The paintings also work in their own right as luscious colour fields inspired from the botanical world.

Growing up in Canada has enamoured me with the beauty of the colours, smells and sparkles of the four seasons. I remember walking home from school and seeing a single White Trillium, a protected flower in Ontario. It stood alone and was entirely lit by the stream of light through the trees. As a child, the light shining on the flower seemed to be larger than life, making the white flower glow in its own perfection. Maybe, because I was young the light seemed so big. But, it wasn’t just what I could see, it was what I felt - the light illuminated onto the flower~ protected, pure and vast, as it stood alone, sublime in it’s entirety.

Since that day, I’ve enjoyed the pursuit of capturing the sublime, wonder of nature in my art. Over the years this has evolved to where I am today, combining my admiration and respect for nature and it’s creative feminine beauty and inward significance.

Having meditated for over 10 years, I have found qualities within myself, humanity, and all that is created, which are intended to be honestly reflected in each painting. When you view my paintings, I hope you find they mirror something in you. That, you find yourself saying, ‘Wow, those are ‘The Parts of Me I Love To See’.

Let the beauty of nature ~ illuminate you!

Debra is Canadian born and lives in Singapore. She studied at Lasalle College of the Arts earning a Bachelor of Honours in Fine Art.



The Parts of Me I Love To See...

I've been preparing for my up and coming exhibition on May 21, 2015 'The Parts of Me I Love To See'.

It's been a self transforming journey in it's own right. Sometimes, I would refer to it as a roller coaster ride but, it's much smoother than that. Love roller coasters by the way :)
A better way to acknowledge the journey I guess would be to say, that I've had access to parts of myself that have been dormant. Even though I've meditated for over 10 years, painting daily for the past 6 months has shown me new territory.
Some parts I knew were there but not why, or how they got there. These were parts I hadn't fully accessed yet. We're they internal or external influences that put them there? 
One day, I found myself asking, 'Why do I love to blend lines?' I love to blend lines because I feel like I'm blending parts of me, my relationship with me and others. Non tangible parts, that want to be smoothed out, worked out, blended. Blending the lines gives me that freedom to mull, journey in any direction I like. Be free. Bringing two different colours together, and making a new beautiful colour, lightening or darkening, creating a single road that flows into one big map - creating a picture of something, that one quality of who you are, what you feel and what you believe in, what you see and admire in others.
There are so many people, places and things that are inspirational in our world. Two huge catalysts to my own creativity, is the admiration I have for women around the world, from all walks of life and nature. I see parallels to what they both represent in this world. And, nature has this beautiful way of chiming into our existence and echoing who we are.
What qualities does nature mirror in you? Could you ask yourself, 'what are The Parts of Me I Love To See?

Introducing Madame Yip.

I'd like to share Madame Yip, a 93 year old Singaporean lady whom I painted late last year.Inspiration came to me, to paint a Pioneer Woman of Singapore after the experience I had drawing a portrait of an older graceful lady I met and photographed in Macau. At the time, I also had a lot of unresolved thoughts about life and death. And, as important as it was to paint this next portrait, it was also very significant to meet and speak with them. For this I had to engage my good friend Sylvia to translate, as Mandarin isn't as nearly as fluid for me, as painting smile emoticon Meeting Mdm. Yip in her home was an amazing experience. The hours we (myself, Syliva, Mdm. Yip and her friend Mdm. Doh) spent went by quickly as I had so many questions that came flooding through, from I don't know where. She had us laughing and in tears as she shared with us her personal journey, how much she loved her Mother and how she was with her Mother in her younger years. This sprightly woman takes only a calcium tablet, cooks her own lunch, and reads the daily paper. What an inspiration! Of course, we revisited Mdm. Yip to show her the painting. Painted with a pink rose, as it's her favourite flower. Painting it in full bloom, as she is in full bloom. When she saw the completed portrait of herself, she was a little overwhelmed by the size but thought that I captured 'life' in her eyes. I left her with an 8 x 10 gold framed print of the portrait for her to keep ~ just big enough to adorn her little home.

November issue of Home Beautiful Australia features the Blooms Painting Method Workshops with licensed teachers!

New workshop dates are available on my workshops page right here at for Singapore and Australia!

A painting class for One, Two or Three days would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Whether you give the gift of a class, or paint a painting for someone you love or share the painting experience together as a gift to each other - you will have a fun filled day

of self discovery and creativity! 


Up & Coming Event – May 15th Nokor Tep's 'Foundation Fair'

Here are the demo Poppies...ready for 'Foundation Fair' tomorrow May 15th, supporting Nokor Tep, the Women's Hospital in Cambodia! See you soon! Up & Coming Event – May 15th Nokor Tep’s 'Foundation Fair' As I look forward to meeting you at the 'Foundation Fair' where my artwork will be for sale or commission with a percentage of the proceeds going to Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital in Cambodia. It will also be an opportunity for you to win one of my original paintings! See you soon…

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Paintings By Commission

It is always a heartfelt honour when someone recruits me to do a painting for them. Whether their purpose is to have a painting to match their décor, or a reflection of an emotion, a gift or a personal aspiration, it is a purposeful joy, which I recently experienced in this painting to the left. The client wanted a painting in this colour range for their daughter’s room but also something that would represent and capture ‘who’ the child is. Here is what the client had to say... 'Debra has painted two pictures for our family. The first was for...

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Volunteering Is Fun!

Bubbles & Bling Brunch ~ a fundraising event for the Cambodia Women’s Hospital Nokor Tep’ which was founded by Janne Ritskes. On February 26, 2014 at VaVa Bistro in the picturesque MacRitchie Reserve, with nerves and all I was on my way to doing my first Poppy painting demo in front of a live audience! Thank goodness that all signs of nervousness dropped away as soon as I started to put paint on the canvas! What a fun day and wonderful way to do a painting that is soon to be donated to Nokor Tep’s next fundraising event, ‘The Foundation...

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